On behalf of the members of Faith Crusade for Christ Church Center Inc., we would like to thank you for visiting our website. It is our prayer that the information provided would be encouraging to all those that visit the website.

Established in May 1995, Faith Crusade for Christ Church Center Inc. was birthed out of the spiritual womb of Lawrence and Charlene Burkes. Through faith, inspiration, purpose and much prayer Lawrence Sr. and Charlene along with their two kids: Shaunte and Lawrence II began to share the gospel from their home, preaching and witnessing in the streets, going door to door, visiting the hospitals, the nursing homes, the prisons, the jails, wherever God opened a door to share the gospel.

It is our goal and commitment to fulfill the purpose, to follow the plan, and complete the assignment that is given by God for this ministry.

To all Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Apostles, Lay Members, etc. all who wish to earn accredited degrees and wish to become better equipped for the work of ministry. You can earn your degree through correspondence study in your own home. Degrees offered are as follows: Associate (Biblical Studies); Bachelor, Master, Doctorate (Ministry, Divinity, Theology, Christian Education, Christian Counseling). License Clinical Pastoral Counseling. For complete details contact facilitaor: Dr. Lawrence Burkes at (305) 693-9681 

If you are ever in the area, we welcome you to join us.

May God’s favor continue to rest upon you as you continue to triumph bringing glory to His holy name!

In Jesus Name,
Dr. Lawrence Burkes

Dr. Charlene Burkes
Co Pastor